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The New GHS | Contendo’s New Online WHMIS Course


The Global Harmonized System is rolling out and it aims to standardize industry safety practices around a host of topic. Most commonly discussed is the changes that it is making to the WHMIS legislation, pictograms and classifications. With these large changes to established industry practices Contendo thought it was the perfect time to lend its expertise to the sector and create our own Online WHMIS Course. Our course features a fully responsive interface that allows the use to view our high quality course presentation regardless if he is at home on a desktop computer, or in Pearson Airport on a layover working off a tablet or smartphone. Our team of safety professionals have distilled the course materials as well as the GHS mandated changes into their most succinct and clear form. This means that the Contendo Online WHMIS course despite it’s high fidelity images and animations, will only take the student between one and two hours to complete.

By integrating quizzes right into the user interface we are able to streamline the educational flow. Making sure that core concepts are captured prior to the final test, making the entire process flow much smoother.

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Canadian businesses have until May 2017 to fully implement the GHS standards and practices. This will allow the phasing out of the old system to occur naturally. Due to this overlap the Contendo online WHMIS training course includes both the 1988 standard and the new GHS regulations. The decision to accept the added development cost was done so to insure that no matter which workspace a Canadian walks into she or he will be fully aware of both sets of hazard identification methods that they may encounter.

The Canadian government has also provided a great frequently asked questions section in regards to the changes being made. You can visit that page by clicking here.

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