Custom employee & visitor orientations

If you have a workforce with regular turnover or a large number of contractors visiting your site, you need to make sure your site Security, Safety & Emergency programs are understood by everyone coming through the gate.
Save time & money while providing peace of mind to your HR team with a custom-built Employee & Visitor Orientation package.

Custom Orientation
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Technical Writing
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Site Specific Details
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Site Specific      Competency training

Your company needs a competent team to be productive & profitable. Knowledgeable workers often make the difference between profitability and costly mistakes. Contendo is a leader is providing very client-specific training, especially in the world of industrial process operation.

Technical writing

Contendo’s Technical Writers are experienced Process Operators & Technicians from the energy & manufacturing sectors. Talk to us about writing your technical documentation, such as Standard Operating Procedures & Safe Work Practices.

Take Your Training To The Next Level

Custom  orientation

Our site or company orientation packages are designed & delivered to get new hires, contractors & other visitors where they need to be, on time & with their Orientation completed & recorded.

Contendo orientation packages can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection on most platforms. Users can arrive onsite with their orientation complete, test done & certificate ready for verification.  This frees up time for your HR professionals & reception staff to deal with other important matters.


The idea of a custom-built, web-based training program may seem out of reach, but Contendo can provide a cost-effective alternative to the traditional classroom session & paper handouts. Our technical writers are experienced process operators, technicians & engineers. 

From small, skid-based process units to full facility operation, our online process education packages are a very efficient way of getting a workforce trained to the same level.

Technical Writing

The Contendo staff is an eclectic group on the curriculum development side, Our Technical Writers are drawn from various industries including oil & gas production, electrical generation, mining & chemical manufacturing. 

Specifically, they are former & current process operators, start-up & commissioning specialists, engineers & technologists.

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