TDG Online

Canada’s TDG Regulations require everyone involved with handling & transporting dangerous goods & materials to complete TDG training.

TDG Online is focused on how

Canada’s TDG Act & Regulations

are applied to transporting

dangerous goods over land.



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TDG Online affordably teaches students about the regulatory requirements of transporting dangerous goods over land in Canada. It explains things like the roles & responsibilities of shippers, transporters & receivers; Container & Packing regulations & restrictions; Label & Placard rules & regulations; and Documentation requirements.

The course teaches the student how to use the available TDG web pages and online TDG Schedules. interpret the various Safety Marks, Signs and Vehicle Placards used to identify dangerous goods in the workplace or on public highways and railways.

Learning Objectives

After completing TDG Online, the student will be able to:

The TDG Online course has 4 modules & provides the student with a comprehensive understanding of Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations & responsibilities.

Learning Modules

12:19 Runtime
TDG Classifications
Module 1 introduces the TDG Act & focuses on the TDG Classification system, TDG Schedules & defining what “dangerous goods” are.
12:19 Runtime
17:59 Runtime
TDG Safety Marks
Module 2 discusses regulations and duties involved in using the proper TDG Safety Marks when transporting dangerous goods in Canada. Safety Marks include package Labels & vehicle Placards.
17:59 Runtime
20:00 Runtime
TDG Shipping & Documentation
Module 3 focuses on the TDG Shipping Document, Emergency Plans, the roles & responsibilities defined in the Act, as well as discussing the regulations concerning packaging & containers.
20:00 Runtime
15:46 Runtime
Training, Enforcement & Reporting
Module 4 focuses on the Enforcement, Reporting & worker training provisions laid out in the Act.
15:46 Runtime