Golf Day with the Contendo Team – Tips from a Pro

No mulligans here At Contendo we are blessed to have a talented hard-working video production team. They spend most of their time filming site-specific videos at industrial locations throughout the province.  Those videos are then edited down to become part of the safety training, orientation and marketing packages that we offer to our valued clients. […]

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Kevin’s Blog / What a Relief
Kevin's Blog / SAGD short stories: What a Relief!   “SAGD short stories” is a blog series concerning SAGD operations. While modern instrumentation provides a multitude of engineering options to plant designers, there is no better example of simplicity in design than a mechanical pressure relief device. From the first time a lid was fitted [...]
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Kevin’s Blog / Silent Security
Kevin's Blog / Inside the Pipes: Silent Security “Inside the Pipes” is a blog series concerning process operations. For my first Inside the Pipes blog, I can’t think of a better topic than pressure relief and the silent security provided by mechanical pressure relief devices. These devices open at a specific pressure set point to [...]
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SAGD Oil Sands Online Training

Proven Online Training for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Operators

Contendo’s SAGD Oil Sands Online Training Course provides workers with an in-depth education of how all the different aspects of a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (or SAGD) facility work together while ensuring a safe and productive work environment.

Learn from the experts with this 4 course suite consisting of 77 modules.

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