Custom Software Solutions, Made to order

Imagine your own custom software solution, designed to solve your biggest business problems.
Contendo’s customized programs can give you the edge you need.

Contendo has worked with various companies and organizations over the years, developing web-based software solutions to streamline their client’s operations, administration & quality procedures, or to resolve other issues standing in their way! 

Human resources SOlutions

Contendo’s proprietary Training Management System offers relief for overburdened HR personnel, managers & supervisors. Why track & record required training manually when our secure, online-accessible TMS allows a Training Manager to assign & track the status of all employee training with a few clicks from any signed-in device.

Quality Assurance Software

Quality is a paramount concern of conscientious providers of any product or service & managers need some form of Quality Assurance to make sure their workers are producing according to plan. Contendo produces customized Quality Assurance tracking & reporting programs laying out all monitoring, testing, recording & reporting tasks required to prove your process.

Mechanical Completions Systems

Tracking, recording & reporting the progress of Mechanical Completions during the end-of-construction & commissioning stages of a project can be an onerous task, but Contendo has the solution. We offer customized programs to ensure every identified task is tracked from planning to completion sign-off. Let us show you how to make real-time tracking of your Mechanical Completion list a reality.

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