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for Standard Operating Procedures, Safe Work Practices, Control Narratives & Courseware

An enormous point of pride for Contendo is the absolute embarrassment of riches we have acquired in terms of Subject Matter Experts. Our technical writing team has decades of experience to draw upon to accurately create Standard Operating Procedures, Safe Work Practices & Control Narratives for any industry.

More Reasons to Choose Contendo’s Team of Technical Authors

The Contendo staff is an eclectic group on the curriculum development side, Our Technical Writers are drawn from various industries including oil & gas production, electrical generation, mining & chemical manufacturing. Specifically, they are former & current process operators, start-up & commissioning specialists, engineers & technologists.

In short, our writers know their stuff.

Decades of Experience

Multi-Disciplined Team

Industry Experts

Our team of Technical Writers are the definition of Subject Matter Experts. With decades in their respective fields, or in multi-discipline roles, they have an unparalleled understanding of industry process operation & functionality.

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