The process of Entering a Confined Space at work is one of the most regulated industrial procedures out there. Every person involved requires specific knowledge and training.

Being Aware of the Hazards

Reduces the Danger of




Are You Hazard Aware?

Contendo’s Confined Space Awareness Online will affordably teach students the regulatory requirements of entering Confined Spaces at Work. The Regulations are meant to control access to hazardous Confined Spaces & protect workers who must work in a Confined Space posing a hazard to human health.

Learning Objectives

After completing Confined Space Awareness Online, the student will be able to:

The Confined Space Awareness Online course has 4 modules & provides the student with a comprehensive understanding of workplace Confined Space Entry practices & regulations.
It covers topics such as Confined Space Hazards, Hazard Mitigation & Control, Entry Planning & Entry Permits.

Learning Modules

09:10 Runtime
Module 1 focuses on the definition & physical properties of Confined Spaces. The discussion explains the characteristics that define a confined space & the hazards of uncontrolled entry into these areas by workers.
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The Hazards of Confined Spaces
Module 2 describes how many hazards found in confined spaces are Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) & discusses atmospheric hazards such as oxygen rich or oxygen deficient atmospheres & contaminated, toxic atmospheres.
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Managing the Hazards
Module 3 focuses on the Confined Space Hazard Assessment. The discussion includes when an Assessment is required, who can perform one & the requirements of the Assessment & documentation.
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Procedures & Responsibilities
Module 4 discusses the various procedures to be followed when a Confined Space entry is planned & performed. The topics include the Confined Space Entry Plan, the Confined Space Entry Permit, Confined Space Emergency Procedures & the Responsibilities of everyone working in or around a Confined Space.
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