Site Specific Training Packages

Contendo is Canada’s Leader in
Site-Specific Process Operation Training.

Custom Training Packages  based on Client Specifications / Documents

The idea of a custom-built web-based training program may seem out of reach, but Contendo can provide a cost-effective alternative to the traditional classroom session & paper handouts. Our technical writers are experienced process operators, technicians & engineers. From small, skid-based process units to full facility operation, our online process education packages are a very efficient way of getting a workforce trained to the same level.

A full site-specific training package is developed from the facility’s Operating Manuals, Process Drawings & Control System data, capturing the design specifications of your process & equipment. Our animated Learning Modules provide a realistic representation of your facility & process operation, with visuals like vessel cut-a ways & alarm indications clearly demonstrating the process in action. Online testing can be completed immediately after viewing a Learning Module, ensuring both training & testing are delivered in a consistent manner to all staff. Providing web-based training allows employees to learn at their pace, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Our approach removes the need for instructors, venues, overtime costs & expenses like meals for trainees. It also significantly reduces the load on Training Managers as all assignments & record keeping are kept online for employee access, with automatic updates & tracking as employees complete assigned training.

why Contendo?



Contendo has been building custom, site-specific process operation training solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry since 2007.



Contendo Training Packages save time & money over the long run.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time reporting

With Contendo’s real-time reporting features, Training Managers are always up-to-date.



Contendo courses include advanced testing techniques to ensure competency.

Contendo  is Canada’s Leader in
Site-Specific Training
Packages for Oil & Gas

Contendo’s site-specific Technical Writing is centered on a writer researching the topic process data & writing a narrative describing how the process is designed & operated. The writer works with an illustrator to develop graphic representations of the topic process.

The Creative team of animators, narrators & audio engineers then turns the narrative & graphics into animated video.

Our Technical Development team includes web developers & programmers, who strive to develop user friendly applications for most platforms.

Together, we create process education & competency training solutions very specific to a client’s process or facility, delivered in a format that is easy to understand & accessible 24/7. It can be that Simple.

Comprehensive & Consistent

Contendo works with your HR department to identify all of the information that those on your job site need to know.  From the location of emergency telephones & muster stations, to the locations of washroom facilities & the identification of emergency procedures & protocols; our orientation packages are animated & narrated & delivered in a consistent & comprehensive manner – each & every time.

Backed Up & Secure

Another huge advantage to choosing Contendo, is that our products are backed up daily & are secure allowing you the peace of mind to know that your orientation package is ready when you need it.  It also ensures that orientation is available even when HR employees are otherwise occupied, sick or on vacation.  Our online orientation package doesn’t take a day off.

For All Types of Learners

Fully narrated & animated, our orientation packages are designed to ensure that we are accommodating all learning styles, be it visual or auditory. We also provide full-text overviews for those who prefer to have a hard copy of the training material.

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