The process of Entering a Confined Space at Work is 

one of the most regulated industrial procedures. 

Every person involved requires specific knowledge and training.

Being Aware 

Reduces the Danger of




Are You Hazard Aware?

People confronted with a hazardous situation or immediately dangerous emergency need a certain level of hazard awareness and knowledge to make good decisions.

Good intentions aren’t enough.Employers are looking for workers who can recognize hazardous conditions before an incident occurs. Someone with awareness and understanding of the many potential hazards found in a workplace.

Contendo’s Hazard Awareness Online affordably teaches students about workplace hazards and how they can be handled, using things like Hazard Assessments, Risk Assessments & Work Control procedures.

Learning Objectives

After completing Hazard Awareness Online, the student will be able to:

The Hazard Awareness Online course has 3 modules & provides the student
with a comprehensive understanding of Workplace Hazards & Risk Management. 

Learning Modules

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Introduction to Hazard Awareness

Module 1 focuses on the Hazard Assessment process, which consists of 1) Hazard Identification, 2) Hazard Assessment& Prioritization & 3) Hazard Elimination & Mitigation.

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Hazard Assessment
Module 2 looks at the information needed to complete a Hazard Assessment, as well as different types of Workplace Hazards and Hazard Identification methods.
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Risk Assessment & Controls

Module 3 focuses on Risk Assessment, Hazard Elimination Controls, Hazard Mitigation Controls & Monitoring.

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