Case Studies: NB Power – Belledune Generating Station Orientation

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“Contendo helped us improve safety and reduce costs at the same time by developing an online orientation program for us. The ability to provide orientation training to contractors in advance of their arriving on site greatly reduced the work load for our safety coordinator, allowing him to focus more time in the field promoting and monitoring safety.”


Sheldon Hovey, Station Manager
Belledune, Millbank and Nepisiguit Generating Stations

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NB Power’s Generation Division produces electricity at 12 Generating Stations, and while each Station has a full complement of workers for its day-to-day operation, all rely on contractors and/or workers from other NB Power locations during turnarounds or large projects.

The Belledune Generating Station management team recognized an opportunity to improve safety and decrease costs by providing the required Safety and Environmental Orientation from an online platform, which would allow workers to arrive at the site already certified and ready to work!

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Contendo was chosen to build a complete orientation package for online delivery and certification because of their proven ability in online education and training.

The program prepares people for their first visit to the Belledune Station by providing:

  • Extensive mapping to show how to get around and where to report in an emergency.
  • Both general and very specific safety information.
  • Effective testing for competency that is completed online.
  • A certification card that allows entry to the site for 1 year.


At the end of the first year’s shutdown, NB Power was amazed at how it freed up their health and safety personnel, streamlined contractor arrival and reduce costly downtime. As the years go on, updates can be easily inserted, and the man-hour savings will continue to grow.

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How can CONTENDO help you?


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