Site-Specific Training Packages

Canada’s Leader in Site-Specific Training Packages for Oil and Gas.

Custom Site-Specific Training Packages

The most important feature of our products is that we develop site-specific training packages that relate directly to your facility. We base our entire training program on the design specifications of your process and equipment. We provide a realistic representation of your facility, in a format that delivers it in a consistent manner to all staff.

Site-Specific Training Packages

Our training packages are completely web-based so that your students can learn at their pace, from anywhere with an Internet connection. We eliminate the classroom-type environment, which drastically reduces cost. Our approach removes the need for instructors and venues, overtime cost and expenses for trainees, and significantly reduces management resources to schedule and track results and progress.

Why Contendo?

Contendo has been building custom training solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry since 2007.

Contendo Training Packages will save you time and money over the long run.

Contendo courses include advanced testing techniques to ensure competency.

With Contendo’s real-time reporting features, training managers are always up-to-date.

Contendo is Canada’s Leader in Site-Specific Training Packages for Oil and Gas.

Our technical department consists of animators, illustrators, web developers, programmers, and audio engineers. Our technical staff strives at developing applications that are user friendly and portable across the majority of platforms. Together, our teams combine to create competency solutions that are accurate to our client’s facility, delivered in a format that is easy to understand. Simple as that.

For All Types of Learners

Our fully narrated and animated training modules ensure that we are accommodating all learning styles, be it visual or auditory. We also provide full-text overviews for those who prefer to have a hard copy of the training material.

Easy to Change

Another huge advantage to choosing the Contendo training approach is that it is flexible to change in the event that your facility changes. You’ll never need to worry about having to reprint manuals and testing materials if something changes within your operation. Our web-based training system makes upgrading your facility painless on the training side!

Safety First

Contendo identifies the hazards associated with your unique process. So, for example, rather than teaching your future operator how a High-Pressure Pump works, we show them exactly how your High-Pressure Pump works and what process variables affect its operation. Using this teaching method throughout your entire project gives you the confidence that all of your employees share a consistent understanding of the many important operating parameters of your facility.

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