Evaporator Water Treatment Part 1: SAGD Oil Sands Online Training




Evaporator Water Treatment Part 1: SAGD Oil Sands Online Training


The purpose of Evaporator Water Treatment is to teach anyone in the oil & gas sector about how an Evaporator system can be an alternative to treating produced water in a Lime Softener in a SAGD facility. The core technology is mechanical vapour compression & vertical falling film evaporation. While complex, the process can be very efficient in producing high quality water.


The complete 3-part Evaporator Water Treatment fully describes how a large-scale evaporator system works; starting with a single stage evaporator vessel & compressor unit.  After explaining the theory & operation, we add component stages to build an entire Evaporator-to-Concentrator progressive treatment train that produces high quality distillate water.

Completing Evaporator Water Treatment Part 1 will fill you in on:

  • How Evaporator Water Treatment can be used in SAGD
  • The basic construction of a single evaporator unit
  • The basic theory & operation of a mechanical vapour compression & vertical falling film evaporator unit
  • Boiling Point Elevation, & the relationship between BPE values & the concentration of solids in evaporator brine
  • Why an Evaporator Vapour Compressor has variable output capacity, & why a Concentrator Unit has 2 Vapour Compressors


Evaporator Water Treatment Part 1  is included in Contendo’s Fundamentals of SAGD Online Oil Sands Training Water Treatment Course.


Contendo’s SAGD Oil Sands Online Training Courses are the only fully animated presentations of SAGD process construction & operation available.
Simply put, no one else does what Contendo has been doing for a decade; turning process drawings into process actions.
We explain the theory, then show you how it is applied using moving flows in piping, tanks & vessels.
You will see the effects of typical system shutdowns caused by out-of-range conditions, & which associated equipment is affected by the alarm conditions. For example; a low tank level tripping off several downstream pumps.

Universally accessible with an internet connection, Contendo’s SAGD-specific online training programs provide students with an in-depth understanding of one of the Oil Sands most popular & most nuanced methods of bitumen recovery. Our curriculum was written by experienced industry engineers & technicians to give you a great base of knowledge to work in oil & gas generally, and SAGD Oil Sands production specifically. > Learn More



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