Terms of Use

By using our site, you agree to our terms of use. The terms of use may be updated without expressed notice. All materials on the site are trademarked and copy protected, any unauthorized use of materials on the site could result in the levying of legal action.

By visiting the Contendo web domain, you’ve also agreed to analytics tracking that we facilitate through our site. We do not sell any information that we gather and we will never contact you through information gathered unless expressed consent is given by you the user.

The Information that Contendo is Collecting?

Contendo will only ever use as set out in our privacy policy. We do keep track of user visits using standard web server traffic logs for our own internal statistics gathering processes.

How is the information used?

The information we are gathering is not meant as a means to facilitate any kind of direct contact, it is simply used to understand the usage preferences for our site and make the necessary changes to enhance the user experience

Third Parties

The Contendo Web Domain utilizes Google AdWords and ActiveDEMAND remarketing providers in order to advertise on third party websites including Google. This includes advertisements on the Google search results page or any site in the Google Display


If you wish to ensure that your information is not gathered by us or any other site or third-party vendor than please take advantage of the following option. You may opt-out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings or Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.