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The world is a noisy place. It doesn’t matter if your company or organization’s target audience is down the street or on another continent, the challenge is standing out among the hundreds and thousands of options your audience has.

That’s where we come in. Your website is just one part of your digital strategy and needs to be designed to serve both the objectives of your business/organization and the needs and wants of your audience. Together with our team of digital experts, we’ll work together to craft the perfect digital solution for your company and your customers.

So Much More Than a Website

At Contendo we always approach web projects in the same way, with an understanding that the actual web pages are not even half of the solution. It is this understanding that enables us to develop the best possible digital solution package for both our clients and their customers.

Just like an Iceberg, no matter how impressive and towering they appear above the water, what we see is only a fraction of what is going on below the surface.  At Contendo we dive deep to craft the ideal digital solution for our clients. It’s about so much more than just the website.

You Can't Win The Game, Without First Knowing the Rules!

Understanding is the first step towards success. Just like you can’t win a game of hockey without first learning to skate, we know that we need to take the time to get to know you and your customers prior to crafting the best user experience and solution set possible.

We use a mix of existing analytics, client and corporate experience, market research and a toolset exclusive to Contendo to make sure that we have all of the information we need to achieve all of our client’s and our goals.

Our team of Digital Strategists will work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business model, and what role digital can play in achieving the goals of that Business model. The result is a plan that crafts the ideal User Experience for the customer and our clients.

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If You Can't Put it in Excel It Doesn't Exist

Our genesis comes from heavy industry. So when we say that we get results, we are not content to base that statement on aesthetics alone. Part of our planning process will be developing realistic and measurable KPI’s.

Your website needs to perform, just like an employee you need to be able to assess whether or not it is performing up to expectations. We work together to create reasonable and achievable goals and then measure against those with hard numbers.

A website isn’t able to force someone through your storefront, but it can make your store easier to find, your products more enticing and for potential clients to reach out from home. All of those things can be measured and evaluated, and we make sure that they are.

Website R.O.I. is not a myth; it just takes work!

Mobile Responsive Websites

Google announced on April 22, 2015, their algorithm (the thing that dictates whether or not you are on top of the search results page) Mobilegeddon. This announcement meant that sites that didn’t have a mobile friendly or responsive user experience would get moved down in the rankings, compared to their clients that did have a mobile-friendly website.

Does your business sell products online? Do you want your clients to get directions to your office or storefront with just one click? Do you need your audience to download something or fill out a comment card?

There are best practices derived from user studies, psychology and even basic physiology. At Contendo we make sure that regardless of the goal you are trying to have your site achieve, we will employ these best practices and a bit of innovation to make the process as seamless as possible no matter how your audience finds your website.

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