Contendo knows SAGD  

Contendo’s SAGD Oil Sands Online is the only fully-animated presentation  of the SAGD process, explaining the theory, operation & construction of a typical facility.

Simply put, no one else does what Contendo has been doing for over a decade; we turn process drawings & information into process actions students can easily see

Contendo Knows SAGD
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Safety training
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Safety & Success
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Contendo is a leading provider of online safety awareness education & testing.

This makes partnering with Contendo an easy & affordable way to get your staff or personal safety training up to date.

Custom Development

Contendo is a custom shop for information

Contendo’s Technical Writing Team is more than capable of developing technical documentation such as Standard Operating Procedures, Operating Manuals, Safe Work Practices & Procedures, as well as Site-specific Process Operation Education packages of various sizes, from small skid-based processes to full multi-process facilities, such as a SAGD plant. 

We even produce Online Employee & Visitor Orientation packages with Certification Testing to get your people on-site faster.

Good Design & Good Work
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Driven by a desire to exceed expectations,
our TMS is a ground-up, collaborative effort built to meet the demands of our industrial partners.

SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) is pronounced as 2 words: SAG-DEE.

Anyone thinking of working in western Canada’s oil sands needs to look at Contendo’s SAGD Oil Sands Online, the best SAGD training available.

Number of Modules per Course

Bitumen Processing
Produced Water De-Oiling
Water Treatment
SAGD Well Pads

Safety Training

Corporate pricing available

Confined Space Awareness Online

Contendo’s Confined Space Awareness Online affordably teaches the regulatory requirements of entering Confined Spaces at Work.  The Regulations are meant to control access to hazardous Confined Spaces & protect workers who must work in a Confined Space posing a hazard to human health.

TDG Online
(Transportation of Dangerous Goods) 

Contendo’s TDG Online affordably teaches the regulatory requirements of transporting dangerous goods over land in Canada. It explains the rules, regulations & restrictions concerning Containers, Packing, Labels, Placards & Shipping Documents.

Fall Awareness Online

Contendo’s Fall Awareness Online affordably teaches the regulatory requirements of working at heights, as well as methods used to protect workers. The Regulations are meant to protect workers by controlling access to the elevated Work Area & preventing workers from falling.

Hazard Awareness Online

Contendo’s Hazard Awareness Online affordably teaches how to identify & handle workplace hazards, using things like Hazard Assessments, Risk Assessments & Work Control procedures.

WHMIS 2015

Contendo’s WHMIS 2015 Online affordably teaches current WHMIS Regulations & how some of the United Nations GHS standards have been adopted by Canada.
It introduces the revised 2015 Physical & Health Hazard Groups, Classifications & Pictograms.



can be pre-loaded with Contendo’s suite of Online Safety Training,

including WHMIS 2015, Hazard Awareness, Fall Awareness & Confined Space Awareness.


Employee User Dashboards

allow each employee to see the status of all their assigned training and/or other required sessions or acknowledgements.

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can import just about any file format,

including PowerPoint presentations, Video/Audio files, PDFs & eBooks.


Presentations and Training courses

can include mandatory testing, with the TMS automatically recording test completion & scores.

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can be set up for mandatory acknowledgments

of important information, instructions & restrictions, with the employee being flagged until the assigned material is acknowledged as received and/or understood.


Groups & sub-Groups

allow Admin to assign training to all members of a group or team with just a click.

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Request a quote today for your own custom TMS Package!

Custom Training


The idea of a custom-built web-based training program may seem out of reach,
but Contendo can provide a cost-effective alternative
to the traditional classroom session & paper handouts.

Custom Development

From technical writing to online employee orientations

Our Technical Writing Team has decades of experience to draw upon to accurately create documents such as Standard Operating Procedures, Safe Work Practices & Control Narratives for any industry. We even produce Employee & Visitor Orientation packages for specific sites.

“I have to say Contendo met and exceeded my expectations. I am extremely happy with this as it provides all the necessary information in a user-friendly and easy format.”
John Iliojic