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“Contendo has something here. The functionality of their Training Management System is the perfect light industrial incarnation of the Learning Management System. Amazingly intuitive features for industrial clients without the heavy and complex operations so common with institution based learning solutions.

Contendo’s TMS fits seamlessly into the industrial market from which you can trace their roots!”

– Don Whitty, Chief Learning Strategist
Tata Interactive Systems

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Contendo Training Management System Features

Administrative Control for adding and removing employees

Run individual or group reports in Excel and PDF formats

Print, save and delete employee certification from the TMS

Pre-populated licenses for Contendo Online Training

Custom Branding for the user interface and certificates

Field Validation forms and Unique Student Upload System

Manage 3rd party certifications for all of your employees

Set expiration notifications for yourself and affected employees

Training Management System Video

Contendo has been a leader in custom online competency training since 2008. Developing custom operations and process training for some of the world’s industrial leaders. With web-based access, your team can train on a schedule that meets both yours and their needs.

Create and manage user accounts, Create and assign users to groups for consistent training assignments, Run individual or group based reports, Assign online, in-class, or third party training in just a few clicks, Prove your company’s Due-Diligence, Develop and execute training strategies based on real-time needs and data.

A Contendo TMS is an evolving piece of technology. With our agile development and production team, we become your partner in realizing your training and human resource goals. We will work with your business to ensure that your TMS, doesn’t only keep up with the needs of your business, it helps you anticipate and meet them.

Our world is constantly changing. Processes are being redesigned, technology is advancing and hazards are also changing with them. That’s why as an employer you have to change the way you train and manage that training.

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